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Dear Gene,
My husband and I are very upset that we did not utilize your services sooner! We have lived in our home for 3 years and have been perplexed with the situation. We love our view, yet it is hot. Even with our northern exposure in the kitchen, the sun beats fiercely. We had priced honeycomb shades that could tuck under the top treatments. Sun Pro tinted all the windows in our kitchen for less than the price of one shade. The temperature in my kitchen has decreased so dramatically that I feel I have added a covered patio … yet kept my view! I have scheduled an appointment to coat every window in the rest of the house.
Thank you for all your help,
Sharon Leshikar
P.S. You were right about the installers – I felt totally comfortable with them and they treated my belongings with respect.

Dear Sun Pro Window Tinting,
What a difference! The last electric bill before the film was $550. You can’t imagine how surprised I was when my wife called me to tell me the new bill is only $400! Outstanding job Sun Pro!
Yours truly,
Bill Armstrong

Just a little note to thank you for the outstanding window tinting. Everything looks great so far and I am looking forward to the summer time. This morning I was able to eat my breakfast with out closing the blinds. I was able to see a couple of great drives as well as read my paper. The light is now soft as you promised. It’s great to be able to enjoy the view instead of the inside of my blinds.
Thanks for providing a great service.
Steve Goodman

Dear Sun Pro,
Wow, you really made a difference! I didn’t believe it could be done. When my wife told me you could lower our electric bills I said no way. I’ve seen solar screens on a neighbor’s house and their really ugly. I didn’t think there was any other way to stop the heat. I guess that is why I gave you guys such a hard time at first but I am writing this letter to apologize for being such a skeptic.
Since you installed my home in March, we have seen a tremendous drop in our electric bill. If you remember, we have a direct east and west exposure on our home. Our electric bill was $600 per month in the summer. Now, it is only $475. Your window film will have paid for itself in only 1 year!
Once again, I thank you for your profitable performance and changing my mind on window film forever.
Fred Draper

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